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This is definitely great. The games have great visuals and one of the best ways to have an amazing time.

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we have a wide range of games to choose from. Choose the one that you like and start playing our amazing games.

Subway Clash 3D

Subway cash is one of the most preferred games by many people all over the world. It has amazing graphics that can keep you engaged all day.

Bullet League

If you love action games, you will definitely like bullet league. It has a great plot and is very innovative in various aspects.

Animal Rescue 3D

Animal rescue is a very simple game that is loved, kids. The colorful graphics are a huge plus for the game.

Biker Lane

Biker lane is one of the first games that we launched, and it has gained huge popularity over the years.

Friv Games is a new flash game everyday for you!

A new game every day is an absolute boon for all the game lovers in the world. FRIV 3K offers you new flash games every day, which is great to play in every aspect. We can assure you that you will enjoy every moment of it.

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Upcoming Games

Best Upcoming Games 2019 For Ps4, Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

2019 is halfway done, but still, we see that there is a host of new games coming up and the gamers in us cannot seem to wait for their release. We have gathered the list of best upcoming games which are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

This is a remastered version of 1999s Crash team racing in your PlayStation. This is a crash themed racing game. This game can give some avid gamers a nostalgic trip but requires you to complete a many levels to reach your goal, AussyELO will help you with all of your gaming problems which can provide for a dynamic race. This game will be available in PS4, Xbox and Nintendo switch.

Shenmue 3


Shenmue 3 is available for PS4 and PC, Shenue is the third installation of the action-adventure series which took 18 years to release. This is a game where a teen martial artist named Ryo Hazuki is searching for his father who was killed in 1980s China. It is made by Sega, which makes it worth the wait.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and shield will be available for Nintendo Switch; this is the addition to the Pokemon series. This game will bring the pokemon series into its eighth generation with a lot of people eagerly waiting for its release. This game is based in a Galar region which is placed in Great Britain according to the game. This also includes real-life stadiums and also the quaint countryside.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 2 took nearly seven years in the making and the Gearbox has confirmed that the Borderlands 3 will release this year. This is a fourth core entry with a first-person shooter and then loot franchise. You see yourself playing the Vault Hunter who is trying to stop Calypso twins from harassing the children. These possessions of the vault exist beyond the land of Pandora. It has larger than life characters which explore the alien planets to grab a lot of weapons.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order

 Fallen order

Any star wars fan will be excited for this game to launch. You see yourself in the launch of Cal Kestis who was a Jedi padawan. We see a lot of Jedi ambush and killings with the help of supporting clone trooper soldiers. Just the trailer for teaser has gotten gamers excited and the first look seems very promising.

The outer worlds

This is Obsidian’s new single-player sci-fi game. This is set in the space where you will awake from hibernation, with a conspiracy in your hand to kill Halycon to ensure the colony residing the edge of the galaxy is protected. It is up to you how you want to play the game as your actions influence the fate of Haylcon.


Predictions For Future Gaming Technological Advancements

Cutting edge gaming advancements allow gamers from all across the planet to experience their favorite games in an amazing and immersive way. If you think about it, games have surely advanced a whole lot when compared to its humble beginnings. The industry is now one among the other billion dollar industries and has revolutionized how children and also millions of adults spend their free time. They have literally evolved from pixels to photo-realistic graphics and have also moved on from arcade machines to incredibly powerful devices with groundbreaking power. After seeing how great the advancements have been, we have made a couple of predictions as to how the technology will evolve in the next couple of years.

  1. Gaming happening in the cloud. There is undoubtedly more and more dependence on cloud storage nowadays as computing technology becomes more reliable and faster as well. We predict that in the future you will be able to play games from any kind of device which is connected to the internet, the same way you would stream a video or even music. This will make downloading games an obsolete feat because everything is in the cloud and is constantly updated. This futuristic technology surely has some fantastic potential; we have all done this, spent over $50 on a game, finished it in a couple of days and then never played it again. We also never wanted to sell it, did we? This will not happen anymore, because we can play whichever game we want and keep it in the cloud, all our game progress will be saved, and all you will have to do is pay a recurrent subscription fee.Game
  2. Hyper-immersive gameplay which is possible through virtual reality (VR) and also enhanced photo-realistic graphics will soon take over almost all the games that are going to be released to the market in a couple of months. This transition will not be sudden, it has actually already begun, and virtual reality games are indeed loved by anyone who tries it.
  3. The biggest companies in gaming, which are Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are tapping into the prospect of adding secondary screens and also secondary devices for many games. Nintendo has actually already done it with the invention and even success of their Nintendo Switch. They also have something called the Nintendo Wii U GamePad which features a touch-screen, and this augments the primary screen where the game is actually featured., Microsoft and Sony
  4. The use of augmented reality (AR) has increased and will soon be available in an endless number of games. This has and will see success because you can mainly use AR on devices like your phone and tablet, which are portable. AR has largely been used in games like Pokémon Go, Jurassic World Alive, The Walking Dead: Our World and Zombies, Run!

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