Hacked King Of Fighters wing 1.91

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Hacked King Of Fighters wing 1.91 - This is the latest and best version of the awesome King of Fighters Wing flash game that comes with a whole set of upgrades and problem fixes for you to enjoy in this awesome arcade fighter that has been hacked for you to enjoy after many requests. 1 new characters --Boss Lucar 2 most of the characters of light effect is gorgeous 3 character of Bug has been repaired 4 adding volume tester practice mode 5 added to each mode reset and background music 6 Boss has been encrypted 7 the game change, game player must challenge reduced innings 8 accession to the Service, Serivce is a game player challenges after the failure to provide the option game game player, the game player using the options can be more easily clearance, but the game points will be zero recalculate or halved.


Press [1] infinite life, infinite skill, press [2] reduce his life, any two attack KO opponent. P1: WSAD = move; J = punch; K = heavy kick; L = dodge; U = light punch; I = light feet; O = explode. P2: ???? = move; 1 = punch; 2 = heavy kick; 3 = dodge; 4 = light punch; 5 = light feet; 6 = explode.